Welcome To The 10k Fitness Business Challenge 

The aim of the challenge is simple, lay the foundation & give you the steps to a 10k a month fitness business ASAP

Over the 5 videos, we are going to look at what is works in 2021 to scale your business to £10k a month - sustainably, consistently, and without working yourself into the ground

Ready to take the 5 Day -> 10k challenge?

Step 1 - The Foundations to 10k Fitness Business

Step 2 - 9 Ways to Generating Leads Online, Free & Paid

Step 3 - 8 Ways to Generating Leads Offline, Free & Paid

Step 4 - 7 Steps to Chasing Leads

Step 5 - 9 Must Do’s To Closing More Sales

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Here are a few success stories and results so far from clients we’ve worked with - trust us - we know what we’re doing here!

Here is Simon Evans owner of C&S Fitness, Bridgwater giving his review.

Simon joined having just opened his first studio, he now has 2 bustling studios with over 200 clients.

In 1 Year, Simon Has Gone From 130 Clients To 210

Here is Nicole Renee, owner of Empower Fitness – a ladies-only facility in Mystic, Connecticut giving her review.

Nicole joined as she was just about to open her first studio, with the aim of generating leads, making sales & growing her fitness business.

One year on, Nicole has grown her studio to over 60 clients.

Here is Mark Fitz owner of Hyperformance, London giving his review.

Mark joined as a part time coach working full time as a delivery driver. Since joining Mark has gone from Full Time Delivery Driver...

To Full Time PT, with Zero Ads Spend

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